We are always wanting to experience new shows and new curators. If you have never made a proposal before that’s okay, drop us an email at incorporeal.gallery@gmail.com to chat about it.

But if you got this here is what you’ll need:

  • a cover letter
  • type of proposal [publication, open call, exhibition, film festival, performance evening, sound art playlist, theatre or puppetry show… the edges of the virtual sphere are limitless] - curatorial statement
  • either a full show style guide or a mood board style guide [give us the vibe of your show and we can talk the technical Graphic Design stuff later] 
  • any events or programs you wish to include

For proposals that include your own curated creators:

  • creator checklist [include: title, creator name, medium, dimensions, year, price/NFS, and any notes on the work]
  • creator bios with links to socials/websites

please format this as a single PDF and email it to us at incorporeal.gallery@gmail.com


Coming Soon

A VESTIGE is a fragmented reminder of a past, it implies that these traces can be a trail of the individual and that person’s narratives. As VESTIGES, we are a tangible reminder of the histories living inside us as remnants. VESTIGE asks contributors to receive their multitudes and explore their fluidity, and the experiences that may accompany. To feel yourself and all of the different fragments of yourself. The ones that you left behind, the ones that are aiding you now, the ones that were there in a different body. For you are a body of matter so embody the VESTIGE.