Circadian Customs

May 10th - May 30th

in/corporeal gallery presents Circadian Customs, a virtual show featuring British artists exploring the use of a digital-based journal as a form of translation of the experience of living with a mental health condition.

Taking a utilitarian approach to art, Theo Morton, Hannah Strande, and Hal Lee Jones apply algorithms to their habitual sketchbook practices. Their work also moves the psychological into a physical space, whilst traversing the connections and disconnections between the felt states and visual language.
Circadian Customs features:

Virtual sculptor and 3D animator Theo Morton transposes his therapeutic sessions into minimal sculptures exploring the duality between his perfectionist nature and the vulnerability of self-reflection and deep healing.

Hannah Strande uses algorithm and cybernetics to explore the mundane experience of everyday rituals. She also seeks to find purpose in tracking recovery whilst exploring the bounds we set as a healthy lifestyle.

Research-focused Hal Lee Jones considers fabricated memory and the byproducts dissociation can have on the perception of past events. They reclaim and contend with nostalgia for moments that sit in-between reality and fiction.